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Live From the Recording Studio with Ghost Light

Hi friends! This week the band has been working hard in the studio finishing up the main tracks for our debut album! It's been such a fun and exciting process because we haven't played any live shows as a band before. Usually, it's the other way around, play live shows and figure it out and then head into the studio, but THERE ARE NO RULES IN THIS BAND! I wanted to share with you a taste of what the band will sound like. We love to improvise and extend the songs we're playing. It's all about being present and listening to what each musician is doing and having a conversation within a song. Throughout this process, I think I've discovered my voice a bit more in the band. I'm really starting to enjoy playing guitar. Mastering an instrument takes years and years of hard work and hitting many roadblocks along the way. Being in a group with such nice and talented people makes playing more fun than it has ever been for me. I can't wait to hit the road and play the songs we've written for you! Before we do, we have more work to do to really finish the record and a few shows here and there that aren't Ghost Light related. I'm singing at the legendary Carnegie Hall with Tom and Holly to honor Led Zeppelin on March 7th. WHAT?! It's going to be an incredible night of music and the funds being raised will go to music education programs for underprivileged youth. Link to the event here: March 7th.

Thanks for all the support and enjoy some new Ghost Light music!




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