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Final Shows of 2017

We started an acoustic group! My partner, Tommy and his brother, Jim, and myself have been playing as an acoustic group the past few months. The shows have been a delightful and challenging learning experience for me and they allow us to get weird when playing certain songs. We make the most of our pedal boards and mix the vocals ourselves so we can add effects when we feel they suit the song. It's a challenging gig because it forces me to listen more carefully to what the bass is playing and to be attentive to what direction Tom may want to take the song. Below are a few videos from our latest gigs.

Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 - 12/15/17 - Entire Set Ft. Aron Magner

Midnight Mountain Music Show - 9/16/17 - Friend of The Devil

Ardmore Music Hall - 10/18/17 - Entire Set (also Ft. Holly Bowling)

The very first acoustic show we did together. Ardmore Music Hall 06/10/17

"Joeline" at Garcia's - 11/16/17


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