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February Tour!

I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked to on this past run of shows. I was in a bit of a winter slump/sadness and couldn't find the energy to take photos. Thankfully, I'm out of that now and still got a few good shots along the way.

2/2 - The Fillmore Philadelphia, PA. We opened up for our good friends the Disco Biscuits! It was a blast. My sister, Lindsay came down to Philly to hang out with her friends and attend all three shows the Biscuits were playing. Her support and love gives me that boost of confidence I need before a show. My roommate and best friend, Skylar also came out to the show and we hung out before and after our set. Look at her adorable face in the gif below


Mark slinging on his bass

2/9 - Asbury Park, NJ - :( We had to cancel this show because of the winter mess that happened on the east coast. I was so bummed that we had to cancel this show. A lot of our friends were gonna come out to this one, and we love to play in Asbury Park. The beach and boardwalk there are classic New Jersey locations. Legit out of a Springsteen song.

2/10 - The Acoustic, Bridgeport, CT. My mom and Lindsay came out to this show! It was so nice to see them and have dinner together. Now that I live in Philly, I don't get to go back home too often so it's always wonderful to see my family at shows. Lindsay took the photo below.

2/11 - Alchemy, Providence, RI. It was a snowy load in up a scary flight of stairs, but thankfully at the end of the show we had our east coast friends help us carry the amps down. HAM FAM, I love you guys, thanks for the help! Lindsay and my other sister, Kayla and her husband also came to this show. It was wonderful to hang out with family two days in a row.

Driving out of Pennsylvania

2/13 - The Bluebird, Bloomington, IN. We opened up for our friends, Fruition! We have played with them before and it was great to catch up. If you haven't heard of Fruition, give 'em a go! They're great players and always put on an energetic show. The Bluebird is a legendary room in Indiana. It's got grit and a certain kind of rock and roll vibe that a lot of places try to have, but just don't master like this place. Kings of Leon, Mumford and Sons, The Levon Helm Band, and so many others have played that room.

2/14 - The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL. Happy Valentines Day!! Being on the road can be tough, but when I get to spend every day playing music with my partner it makes it so much easier. I love you, Tommy! We opened up for Fruition again and Tom played a tune with them.

2/16 - The Hideout, Chicago, IL. Dunn Dunn Fest! This show was a lot of fun for me. My hometown friend, Greg came with his sister Michelle, which was a wonderful surprise! One of the best things about touring different cities is that I get to meet up with friends I wouldn't normally get to see.

Al (drums) in the greenroom at The Hideout

Justin (guitar) sitting in Mavis Staples' throne!

Smiley Tom before soundcheck

2/17 - The Back Room at Colectivo Coffee, Milwaukee, WI. Opened up for Fruition again! This was a fun one. Al played percussion on a couple songs with Fruition and Mark, Tom, Justin and I sat in on their last song as well.

This is what is looks like in the van most days

2/18 - What's Up Lounge, Mankato, MN. I caught a beautiful midwest sunset before load in at the What's Up Lounge. Lauren, our tour manager, Al and myself got ice cream from Mom and Pops across the street from the venue. We played with a funky band called Frogleg. It was a fun and easy going show.

2/19 - Wooly's, Des Moines, IA. Our final show of this leg with Fruition. Before soundcheck Lauren, Justin and I went for a walk to the riverfront by the venue. It was another beautiful evening in the midwest. The air was warm and calming. Fruition asked the band to sit in for their encore and we played "Mean Mr. Mustard" and "Polythene Pam" by the Beatles.

Despite my low energy and seasonal sadness I made it through this leg of tour and came out stronger than I thought I would be. We had to make the 16 hour drive back to Philadelphia in 26 hours. Before we left Des Moines, I locked the keys in the van at a gas station and we all worked together to get them out. Luckily, they were on the seat and Al left the window open so I found a broom and a stick, Lauren found some wire, and Justin is a pro at finagling sticks through windows. We got the keys and drove a bit after the show! That's team work if I've ever seen it. I've found that when we drive for long stretches of time podcasts pass the hours faster than music or scrolling through my Instagram feed. Thanks to all the fans who came out this past month and I can't wait to make it out to the midwest again. Next stop: Las Vegas and California! Check the tour tab for more upcoming shows. Love you guys!

p.s. The New London Day newspaper (my local paper in Old Lyme) did an article about me! It's a nice little read if you want to hear more about my experience as a musician. Here is the link:


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