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A Trip Down to Mexico... Los Muertos Con Queso

Look, there's Mexico!

This past weekend I went to Mexico with Tom, my boyfriend, and Jim, his brother. A few months ago Tom was asked to perform with Bob Weir, Jeff Chimenti, Bill Kreutzmann, and Dave Schools at an event called Los Muertos Con Queso. I was so thrilled to watch him play with such incredible musicians. Right on the beach! But when it comes to traveling on a plane, I don't enjoy the process from entering the airport to leaving it. I'm an anxious flyer! I'm sure I'm not alone in that. I much prefer to be on solid ground, but there was no way I could miss this one! I ran into some fans of American Babies while I was taking pictures in front of the crowd, so if you're reading this, Hi!! It was so awesome to see friendly faces in a different country. There's lots of pictures in this post, so enjoy!

These palm trees had sweaters!! They were lit up by spot lights that were also connected to what the light guy was doing on stage. It was pretty trippy when it got dark. When we arrived to the resort I got changed, chugged a coffee and we headed right for the show.

Palm Tree Sweaters
Skull Flags Backstage

From left: Tom, John Dindas, and Jim.

Tom, Jim, and John Backstage

From left: Dave Schools, Jim, and Tom.

Dave, Jim and Tom Backstage

It was great to see Dave again, he's such a sweet guy and he played with American Babies out in Mill Valley at Sweetwater Music Hall this past November. He also gives the best hugs, haha! Dave plays bass guitar in a band called Widespread Panic. Before the show I walked around and took a look at the beach and stage. It was hard to acclimate to being in Mexico from Philly. It was so warm and windy, as well as humid. I'm pretty sure I was dehydrated the whole time from sweating and drinking tequila blanco. I was probably just sweating Don Julio.

Night one, From left - Bob Weir, Tom Hamilton, Dave Schools. 1.25.17
Show one done, two to go!
"Not to shabby, eh?" Bill Kreutzmann and Tom 1.25.17
Drum Land 1.25.17

Day two! I woke up and made myself some espresso in the hotel room and finally got to take a good look at what was outside on our patio. It. was. STUNNING.

View outside room patio1.27.17

We joined up with Jim and headed for lunch and the beach! I had the best guacamole I've probably ever had. There was lumps of crab in it, and it was out of this world. We ordered it every day. The restaurant nearest to our room was right on the beach, so after we ate we headed for the sand.

CRAB GUAC. 1.26.17
Beach! 1.26.17

Night two of the show was a hot one! Bob was unable to perform because he got sick. Mexico doesn't treat everyone so kindly! Don't drink the water! The band had some of the other musicians join them and it was a kick ass show. Members of String Cheese Incident and Jackie Greene were great additions to the evening.

From left: Jackie Greene, Dave Schools, Tom, Bill Kreutzmann, and Jeff Chimenti.

Damn, that's one tall stage 1.25.17
Cosmic Jeff 1.26.17
"Yeaahhh!!!!!!!!!!" From left - Tom, Bill, Jason Hann (String Cheese Incident), and Michael Travis (SCI). 1.26.17
From Left - Jeff Chimenti, Tom, Bill. 1.26.17
From left - Dave, Bill, Tom, Jason, Michael, Jeff 1.26.17
Night two. From left - Jeff, Tom, Jackie Greene, Dave, and Bill. 1.26.17

Day three of the trip Tommy had the day off! We made plans to take a drive about an hour away to the Tulum Ruins. We had to get up pretty early to make this happen, which is hard after a long night of rock and roll. I highly recommend you check this place out. It was 5 dollars to enter the park and it looks out over the bluest water I've ever seen!

Hi, ruins!

I caught a picture of this lil guy on the walk to the park. So cool!

Lizard friend! 1.27.17
Tulum Ocean 1.27.17
I don't even know how this happened! 1.27.17
Wagon 1.27.17
STUNNING 1.27.17
I mean, come on with that. Can I live in there? 1.27.17
Smiles at the park. 1.27.17
Wow. 1.27.17
Carvings 1.27.17

These men climb up this metal pole and wrap a rope around their waist and swing in a circle while descending upside down. Don't catch me signing up for that job any time soon.

Just four dudes swinging on a pole. TERRIFLYING. 1.27.17
Tulum Ruin 1.27.17
Jim and Tom 1.27.17
Tulum Shadows 1.27.17

That evening we kept it easy and hung out on the patio of the hotel room. I tried my first cigar! There was lots of spitting afterwards. We cleaned up from the beach and went back to the resort Jim was staying at. I did a fair bit of walking around and got to look at the shops and I caught some of the String Cheese set on the beach. We played some blackjack at the small casino and it reminded me a lot of my first time playing blackjack on Cayamo Cruise last January. Ah, the memories of cruise ship gambling. We called it a night around 1:00am and Tom and I headed back to the other resort which was about 20 minutes away.


Day four, our final full day in Mexico. I jump started my day again with some delicious espresso and we met up with Jim for lunch at the same place. We got the delicious crab guac and spent some time laying by the pool. After some relaxing time we got ready to go to the final show of Los Muertos Con Queso.

Tom looking over the setlist for the final show.

Tom Looks Over Setlist for Final Performance 1.28.17
Los Muertos

These statues were backstage and purchased for each member of the band. I'm not sure how well they'll ship because they were so delicate! Let's hope Tommy get's his in one piece.

Tom Hamilton
Dave Schools
Jeff Chimenti
Bill Kreutzmann
Bob Weir
Tom and Jeff 1.28.17

This trip was wonderful! I'm so happy I can share my pictures with you and you can get a little glimpse of how special of an event this was. Thanks for checking out my blog and feel free to comment below what your favorite picture was and if you have any questions for me!

The Final Bow 1.28.17

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