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Kickstarter and Life Update!

So it's been a while since I've update my website blog but that's mostly because blogging is not really my thing. I'll try to get better at it so you can stay updated on more things! Recently I've been writing more songs than I ever have, I've been playing out once a week in White Plains at a place called Hastings Tea. (Every Friday 6pm-8pm!) and it's given me a lot of motivation to write more music and really push myself to be a better performer and story teller. Over the summer I spent a lot of my time planning out my Kickstarter for my Debut EP. About a week ago I launched it and have been so thrilled by all the support and love I've recieved for my ambitious goals. I've only dreamed about having my very own EP as a physical product and be able to sell my music to people everywhere, but if I raise the amount I need it could happen! (It could change my life forever! AHH!)

I've had a ton of inspiration while at school and the freedom to write in a safe place has been such a salvation for me. I'm so grateful for what I have and I can't believe the support I've had along the way. Since it's my last year at school there's been moments where I've second guessed myself a bunch, many moments of weakness, and many moments of triumph and joy. I feel as though I've grown so much in the past few months and it's truly starting to show in the songs I'm writing. Today I recorded a demo of one of my new songs, posted in a seperate post, and I'll also post the link to my Kickstarter! It's an All or Nothing campaign, meaning if I don't raise my goal, nothing is going to happen, no money goes anywhere and I don't get to record. So please, $1 helps! I'm inserting some pictures as well from my Hastings Tea gig as well.

Hastings Tea pic.jpg


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