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New internship, new semester, hopefully new music...

Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying the New Year and all it has to offer you! Year of the horse! So, I've started my new internship at Glassnote Records in their New York office and go there three days of the week. The travel can be exhausting but I'm enjoying the energy and the learning experience it is bringing me. The positive energy that I bring to my life every day will hopefully bring positive energy back to me. My classes are as good as it’s going to get, learning about macroeconomics, contracts and law of the music industry, exercise physiology, and global studies. I've got a full plate on my hands.

I'm very excited to step into the position of Station Manager at my college's radio station Check out my radio show every week on Thursdays from 7:00 to 8:00pm! I like to play what we get sent into the station, mostly Top 200 stuff, but I love discovering new music, and I get to do that at my internship as well which is super cool. I usually play about a half hour of new music and a half hour of older folk music. It relaxes me to play the music loud and proud during my show in the studio.

I am discovering who I am more and more each day as I travel in and out of the city, go to classes, and spend time with my lovely friends at Manhattanville College. Obviously, there are good days and bad days, but so far I can beat the bad ones down with the great days that follow (and a Sprinkles cupcake or two after work isn't so bad either.)

I hope to have more content for those of you who are reading this and may share little bits that I write in my journal throughout the week. I'll try to post weekly, but with my schedule I may not have all the time I wish to put towards a good blog post. Thank you for reading if you did and make sure to check back often! Don't forget to like my music page on Facebook!

-Raina Mullen


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